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Navigating the Youth Soccer world can be a difficult thing.  At Chicago Strikers we understand that your children are your greatest investment.  With that in mind we have created a unique youth program that provides the maximum development with an affordable set price.  Unlike other clubs, we include a home & away jersey, summer camps, and coaches travel expenses.


We also understand that development is crucial at a young age.  We see young aspiring players with the desire to peruse a professional career on a daily basis on the UPSL side.  Unfortunately, a lot of these players have not been taught the fundamentals that professional coaches are looking for.  To achieve playing at the highest level possible, these attributes are essential:

1.  A good first touch, directional touch, and ball control.

2.  Awareness on the field, checking the shoulder, communication.

3.  Passing, dribbling, and shooting with both feet.

4.  Physical ability such as strength, speed, and stamina.

5.  Game intelligence and risk assessment. 

6.  Strong mindset, self-motivated, and responsible.

7.  One touch passing.

8.  Dribbling with your head up.

9.  The confidence to be creative.

Some day they will walk onto a field alone at a tryout for High School, College, Semi-pro, Pro, or whatever level they reach.  The question is, did we give them the tools they need to succeed?  Chicago Strikers is dedicated to making sure that answer is "Yes".  

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